Play rallies in the first lesson

Fun start for beginners

At TennisGate, we strongly believe in teaching the game through playing, as opposed to teaching strokes first by forming lines and feeding from a basket.

Our goal is to have our students rallying with each other from the first lesson. After all, people take lessons because they want to learn to play, so the sooner we can get them playing the more they will enjoy their time on the court. Learning to play is not the same as learning strokes.

Playing involves constantly adapting to a ball coming at you at different speeds, heights, directions and with different spins and if beginners are not taught right away how to estimate the ball flight and how to adjust to achieve ideal contact points then tennis will frustrate you and you will not stick with it.
All strokes in every lesson
Another important concept for us is to teach all the strokes from the beginning and practice most strokes in every lesson as opposed to starting with forehands, then teaching backhands, then volleys, overhead and serves as it is usually done. After all, you need all strokes to play and feel comfortable anywhere on the court.
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Using methodical balls
Learning must be playful and intuitive. With the game-oriented method, players can experience "playing tennis" right away, and can work on the strategy of the game from the start.

Our approach involves the use of methodical balls, which fly slower than the regular balls and do not bounce as high. In addition, we start players closer to the net with simple strokes and move them back as they gain confidence. As players move back, we polish their technique and address additional tactical concepts that apply to the bigger court.
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Most effective and funful approach
This approach to teaching beginners is much more effective and fun. Your PlayersClub experts have successfully shared this methodology in their courses with over 25,000 coaches. They have mastered the challenges of turning beginners into advanced, perhaps even competitive players, so they stay with tennis for life.

Be on the lookout for our beginner videos in the PlayersClub, and take your game to the next level.
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